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About Wonwo

Wonwo is a fast growing Bedding brand, which is deeply loved and recognized by USA customers. We are dedicated to provide quality and comfortable bedding, mainly pillows and mattress protectors for now. We stride to bring a better sleeping environment to every customer.

Brand Concept
We always maintain that "Customer First, Quality First” and promote a healthy, environment-friendly and comfortable lifestyle. We know that bedding is closely related to the health and security of every family, so we are very strict with our material and technology. We develop superior, cost-effective products which help our customers sleep well every night, which in turn makes for a happier day.

After-sale Service
If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will try to reply you within 24 hours.
If any products are defective, please contact us right away and we will be happy to help you with a replacement item or a refund.

Product Related Issues
1.If you have any questions about product usage, please contact us and we will send you an additional usage document, and some precautions.
2.As with most new purchases, any “new product smell” that you may experience is harmless and will dissipate in 3-5 days.
3.Ensure that you properly follow the washing and drying instructions of products so that they do not get damaged, and to extend the life of products.
4.Ensure that you do not wash products with sharp items and to protect products from being hooked or damaged, for example, skirt hook.
5.For more instructions, you can find some videos on YouTube.

Contact us
Support Hours: Monday - Friday
Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm PST
While contacting us, please make sure to provide us with the following information:
- Order Confirmation/Order ID
- Product problems

Please contact us if you have any suggestions to better our products or services.

Wonwo, welcomes you! If you enjoy our products, please share with your friends and family!